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kras | karst landscape
Karst is a wonderful landscape lying on a diverse plateau in the hinterland of the Trieste bay. It boasts a colourful inspiration of pleasant light breezes of Mediterranean and continental winds. Nature endowed the Karst people with a privilege which they have cleverly used for the production of air-dried ham and renowned Karst wine called Teran.

Genuine, intact nature and its beautiful features have always been admired by travellers and traders from Vienna to Trieste. Today, the Karst people talk proudly about all their delicious products, while stories about the Karst ham and Teran wine can be heard in all parts of the world.

Where do the tradition and mastery of producing Karst’s ham originate from?
The Karst ham matures for a long time in a hospitable climate and receives an intensive care and a great deal of attention by the Karst people. The secret to success is hidden behind the ham’s unique aroma and flavour. This is a power of tradition handed down from one generation to another.

The Republic of Slovenia has also been aware of these natural gifts, technological experiences and skills so that it protected the Karst ham to the producers' huge satisfaction. In doing so, it has managed to prevent any commercial abuses. The Association of the Karst Ham Producers and the authorized institution, the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food of the Republic of Slovenia, are in charge of checking the conformity of production, as prescribed in the specification.  

He, who chooses the Karst ham, opts for confidence. Protection of ham ensures that there are no additives in it, that it is mildly salted and has long maturation. All these characteristics make ham even more digestible and provide it with high nutrition value. The Karst ham is a delicacy which is always served at important events; what is more, it gives to gastronomy new inspiration as to how to use it for ever new delicacies.  

On account of a respectful and dignified attitude towards the Karst ham, it should be accompanied only by excellent side dishes, otherwise its taste and aroma can be lost. It feels good beside slices of semi-white bread, nuts, fresh figs, strawberries, olives, grapes, slices of apple and dried fruits. In the summer time, it is really good to try it together with a juicy and cool melon. Let an elegant slice of ham »float« on the plate, perhaps together with a slice of bacon, pork neck meat and homemade sausages. A selection of homemade sheep, goat cheeses and high-quality matured cheeses served as a side dish makes the savouring of culinary delights even more enjoyable. By tradition, the Karst ham goes hand in hand with the Karst Teran wine.
The Karst people can offer Teran sauce called “toč” with Karst ham, porridge with ham and omelette with ham, etc…

Welcome to the country of exquisite tastes!

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